Oakhurst is the northernmost western village in the region. It is a small but prosperous village with a population that can be fiercely loyal to its own. Oakhurst’s prosperity results from three important sources: the assortment of quality lumber in the Tangled Wood, the rich farm and grazing lands, and the canny economic management of its rulership.

N village

Settlement Modifiers
Corruption -1; Crime -2; Economy +0; Law -2; Lore -2; Society +3
Qualities insular, prosperous; Danger +0

Government council
Population 175 (87 humans; 26 halflings; 17 elves; 14 xephs; 8 dwarves; 3 maenads; 17 others)

Sir Josu Gaizka (male maenad cavalier): vassal of Landgraaf Eustef Fresleven
Aloysius Aloys (male half-elf expert): Master of Lumber
Surya Raier (female human oracle): spirit-haunted seer

Notable NPCs in Oakhurst
Phinneas Muddey (male half-elf commoner): artistic shepherd

Base Value 650 gp; Purchase Limit 3,750 gp; Spellcasting 3rd
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4


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