The Night of Bitter Scales, an ancient day sacred to the Cult of Rascarl, is still about three months away, but already the Church of Cymer is expressing concern that the outlawed rites remain suppressed.

House Fresleven maintains power through use of a magical well hidden within the Landgraaf’s stronghold.

Although Guilbert Fresleven is the heir apparent, many in the region do not think he has what it takes to rule. Hugo, on the other hand, does.

Some in the region secretly desire Hugo Fresleven to rule since it is felt the bookish Hugo would be easier to manipulate.

Plot Hooks

Blood Moon orcs have been spotted in the Tweenwood. Orcish slavers and pirates have become more active in recent months. Rumor has it that these orcs have taken over a ruined town to the east.

Phinneas Muddey of Oakhurst, a "bard: of dubious talent and achievements, has vanished. Locals report hearing strange shrieks and eerie lights in the woods near Muddey’s sheep ranch. (The PCs rescued Phinneas and some other villagers plus defeated an evil druid who attempting to change a dryad’s magical oak into a nexus of evil fey magic.)

Pearl divers living in small communities on the islands of Stalos haven’t been meeting their quotas. Rumor has it that a monster hunts the pearl beds, making it unsafe to dive.

Pilgrims heading to the Tree of Falling Mists returned to Hosford to report that “savage elves” have taken over the site. Several pilgrims were killed by these invaders. It is said that the proper authorities are less than concerned since the Tree of Falling Mists is associated with the legendary hero Dror the Liberator, a figure important to the Cult of Rascarl.

Dromite warbands are scouring a certain the southern Bug Hills and the Tangled Wood, searching for the Yellow Jade Heart, a relic reputed to hold great power. (The PCs retrieved the Yellow Jade Heart.)

Sir Eriq Darvyn, one of Old Maslin’s knights, is cursed. He, his family, and his servants are plagued by nightmares, and his son Frederic has fallen ill.


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