LN small town

Settlement Modifiers
Corruption +2; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law +3; Lore +1; Society -3
Qualities massive underground, tourist attraction; Danger +5

Government overlord
Population 850 (425 humans; 127 halflings; 85 elves; 68 xephs; 42 dwarves; 17 maenads; 85 others)

Sir Sigmund Kjell (male dwarf fighter): knight, vassal of Landgraaf Eustef Fresleven

Notable NPCs in Swallowfeld
Dennel Batharda (male xeph wizard): The Vermillion Wizard, Feodol Batharda’s son
Larissa Batharda (female xeph rogue): black sheep, Feodol Batharda’s daughter
Venerable Terisin (male half-elf druid): elder druid

Base Value 1,200 gp; Purchase Limit 5,000 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6

New Quality
Massive Underground: The settlement has an incredibly large sewer system or was built atop a large natural cavern. The subterranean portions of the city are excellent hiding places for criminals and monsters. (Crime +2, Society -1, Danger +5).


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